Summer is almost here–Is your patio ready?!

When it comes to decorating we often overlook our outdoor spaces. In the summer these spaces become our living rooms, play rooms and dining rooms, and they deserve to have has much style and functionality as those spaces inside our homes. But don’t worry!– with a few simple tricks you can turn your space into a comfortable and chic outdoor room.

Check out my 6 simple steps to flawless outdoor decorating!


1. Lighting. We don’t usually think about adding decorative lighting in our outdoor spaces. But it is a great way to set the mood, highlight architectural features of the home and ensure that your patio party is well lit enough to keep it going well into the night!

outdoor pendant lighting

pendant 1. pendant 2. pendant 3.

2. Furniture Layout. Use a variety of furniture to create different zones based on the functions of your outdoor space. A dining table with chairs plus a grouping of soft seating will give plenty of spots for your guests to relax!

patio 3

3. Privacy. Make your back yard feel like a cozy oasis. Use tall hedges or trees to cut off sight-lines from neighbors or nearby streets.

Shade structures like pergolas or large free standing umbrellas also help create the sense of ‘defined space’ in an area that has no walls or ceiling!


4. Textiles + Accessories. This is a great opportunity to add tons of fun color and pattern. Summer spaces are bright and energetic and the items that go in them can be too. Add in some outdoor area rugs and accent pillows to make the space feel complete!

outdoor pillows modern patio

5.  Potted Plants. Adding potted plants is a great way to help define different areas on your patio. Using tall pots & greenery can help divide and accentuate different seating zones and help direct traffic.

Oversize planters + colorful flowers are great ways to divide space and add visual interest!


6. Unexpected Ambiance. Throw in a few unexpected touches to really make your patio feel like an outdoor room. Center soft cozy seating around a fire pit, add throw pillows on your chaise lounge chairs or even use an outdoor TV to make a cozy place to watch a summer movie.


outdoor patio design


Still not feeling ready for that outdoor summer bash? Shoot me an email and we can talk about working together to get your patio party-perfect!




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