Designing spaces for a little ones is always the MOST fun. Usually we are almost always starting from a blank slate so it there is a tremendous opportunity to create + control. This recent eDesign client wanted a very neutral black and white nursery tribal inspired nursery. When she sent over her pinterest inspiration board I saw a common thread between many of the decor items, geometric shapes + arrow patterns, lots of texture, minimal color and tons of style. Check out the design I put together for her!

Dreamy Tribal Inspired Nursery!

Space planning is always a very important part of the project. For this project we obviously had to have a few key items, crib, rocker, storage etc. But the space was large and could really handle more furniture than that. I opted to put a sofa in the room because we had the space for it, but also because I’m a mom too, and come on–we all need more places to nap.

 Putting in extra effort to create the best floor plan possible ensures that the function of the space will remain even if color or accessories are changed out over time.


Iselected a very subtle and muted color for the walls. This would really act as the guide for the other (minimal) color in the space. Wall color is Sherwin Williams SW 6210 Window Pane. On the wall behind the crib we opted for floor to ceiling height birch tree vinyl wall decals. It not only creates interest on this wall but helps to anchor the rectangular space.



The rest of the space was completed with mix-and-match geometric patterns (don’t buy the bedding set people!), accents that give a nod to the tribal inspiration (feather wall art, arrow curtain rods, antiqued leather floor pouf), and a few small touches of that misty blue accent color! 


Let’s talk about this amazing rocker for a second. I had originally suggested it as an alternative for another chair, knowing that this chair would likely push the budget over the edge. But IT. IS .AMAZING. And I was lucky enough to have an equally amazing client who recognized how gorgeous it really was. So she bought it and it seriously makes this space so chic.

One thing I love about this chair is that it does not feel like it has to live it’s entire life in a nursery.

When this room eventually changes into a toddler room or a tween room, there should be no problem finding this chair another home in the house.





bakersfield rocker land of nod

  Original chair

modern wing back rocker

Alternative chair 

This dreamy tribal inspired nursery literally was a dream to work on. The client was amazing, our design process  + communication flowed and everything fell into place. The client followed my design plan (space plans, shopping guides and installation instructions) to a T and did an outstanding job putting together this gorgeous nursery. Check out some of the after pictures below!

nursery before

black and white tribal nursery after
black and white tribal nursery after 2

Like what you see? Shoot me an email and we can chat about working together on your next design project–and remember I do virtual design, so no matter where you are in the US or the world we can work together!





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