I have talked over and over again about how the spaces we live and work in are a reflection of us. This is especially important when you are talking about a business. Your office, storefront, studio –whatever it may be– is a physical extension of your brand. And whether your clients understand it or not, they subconsciously make connections between your business interior and your brand. You want the interior to reinforce what your brand represents: fun, organization, professionalism etc.  A recent Collaborative Consulting client (yes! this entire project was completed virtually!) reached out to me to create a modern office makeover for their small business office!


First thing we did was re-organize the layout. The space was fairly small office within their building. It needed to accommodate 2 full time employees plus 1 part-time book keeper, and also at least one seat for quick visits from clients and residents.  By flipping the desks to face the wall we freed up a lot of space and were able to incorporate large work stations for everyone.

A mix of bold patterns and bright colors create the modern, fun and relaxed feel that is representative of the “Good Times” mission. Colors pulled from the logo formed the palette for the space. *Pssst Confused about how to mix pattern? Check out this post! 

There wasn’t room for a traditional waiting area but we were able to incorporate a casual seating area for quick visits from clients. We also used this space to incorporate some of the leftover counter material from the custom desks to create a backdrop for the company logo–again reinforcing the brand identity within the space.

The Ferm Living wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a productive work area in this modern office makeover! Functionality is also critically important for any functioning office. A corkboard “backsplash”–for lack of a better word– runs the entire length of the wall behind the work stations. Tons of baskets, bins and file holders were used on the open shelving to keep everything organized and out of sight!

Does your small business interior reflect your company mission or brand? If the answer is no–let’s chat! Virtual Collaborative Consulting is an affordable way to make a huge impact on your business interior and your bottom line!




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