Commercial office interior design is an extremely important part of your company branding. You only get one chance to make a first impression when your client walks through the door so it needs to be a good one. Client’s make conclusions about your value and level of professionalism based on a lot of factors, including the appearance of your office. Hiring an interior designer (me!) will help you create an office that not only helps you be efficient at your job, but also attracts and impresses your clientele.

I recently had the chance to get my hands on a mid-size office full of potential. They wanted the space to feel light, bright with mid-century touches and allusions to nature and organic elements.

To make the first impression a knock-out one, we opted for this blue velvet sofa, added some accent pendant lighting and changed the artwork to set the tone for the rest of the space.

Entrance & Waiting Area

Commercial office interior design isn’t just about making a space that is beautiful and impressive. It also has to be functional.

The Collaboration was an area where we were able to inject both design elements and functional pieces. Two round sofas create an informal meeting area centered around a dry erase table for brainstorming and concepting.

Space was created for this by removing and relocating some walls, to allow for this area to be open and collaborative while also adding privacy to the executive offices behind the new wall, which also functions as a dry erase surface.

Collaboration Area

Today, more than ever, commercial office interior design needs to be flexible. This office was no exception. There were several employees who worked remotely and occasionally vised the office and needed a place to work. This library was designed with that in mind. It is one of my favorite rooms in this entire project.

Library After

Library After

Simplicity of the design was important to me and to the client. We didn’t want to just stick things on walls because we had empty wall space. We wanted the design to be intentional and for each item to have meaning. For the conference we created this amazing focal wall based on the 3 words that made of the company name. Not only was this visually pleasing, it also served as a daily statement as to the foundation of the business.

Conference Room After

Conference Room Before

We went for big impact on the wall the elevators open up too. A modern, yet floral, pattern in bright crisp colors allows the lamp and console to pop.

Pops of color carry through each space in the office to create unity and a well branded environment.

Commercial interiors usually have a dropped acoustical ceiling. While at first this might seem like a check in the con column, they are actually very easy to add additional lighting too. We added dropped pendants in several of the offices to highlight specific seating groups.

Where ceiling lighting didn’t make sense we opted for some new hardwired fixtures. These shelves were custom designed and built to create balance to the off-center window and serve as a back drop for informal meeting areas in this executive office.

Executive Office After

Executive Office Before

Commercial office interior design is literally one of my favorite types of projects to work on. It is a whole new set of challenges compared to residential and new construction jobs.

The best part of this entire project? I never set foot inside this office building until months after installation of the design.

Not once to take measurements, install fixtures or check on custom elements. The entire process was executed through my Collaborative Virtual Consulting services. Through this unique service the client was not only able to get an amazing commercial interior that reflects their brand + impresses their client, they did it in a way that was affordable. Think this interior design service might be a great fit for your commercial office space?— Let’s chat!



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