If you have been following along with us for the last few months you have most definitely heard about the special project we are working on: Blueprint for Change. Blueprint was born from the idea that good design has the power to positively impact lives and that should not be reserved for those only with large budgets and disposable income.


We spent the last month fielding nominations from the local Marquette, MI community on the hunt for the most deserving recipient. We heard all kinds of amazing stories and felt some SERIOUS love from the community for their friends, families, co-workers and neighbors.  It made it extremely hard to narrow it down to just one person to to receive the 1st annual room makeover.

After many hours of deliberation we settled on Charlotte, age 7, who suffers from a rare disorder that makes her violently ill for sometimes days on end. Her parents have spent countless hours transporting her back and forth from Marquette to a specialty children’s hospital to get diagnosed and manage her condition. They could not help but realize the calming and healing affects that the thoughtfully design children’s healthcare facility had on their daughter, and wanted to be able to recreate that feeling in their own home.

The 1st annual Blueprint for Change will be creating a 1st floor space for Charlotte, where she can play when she is well, relax when she is ill and catch up on her schoolwork after missing multiple days.

Last week we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Some goals of the design plan include: 

  • Young, fun and whimsical space for a 7 year old, but also able to work for other older sisters
  • Maximize storage for toys and art supplies. Space will be used as playroom when Charlotte is not ill.
  • A place for Charlotte to lay down when she is ill
  • Durable and easily cleanable
  • Ability to darken room, dim lights and blackout windows


With the help of so many amazing community sponsors we have a plan in place (Check out the page to see all the amazing people who are helping… ACE Hardware, Wayfair to name a few…) we are ready to start executing the design plan. But we could still use help from you! Yes YOU!  Like our virtual consulting services , anyone anywhere can be a part of this amazing project for an equally amazing little girl.  Check out our Target Registry and contribute whatever you can, a throw pillow, a fitted sheet, or even a $5 gift card! Any bit goes a long way.


If you are interested in chatting about more ways you can help–send us an email today!




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