What is included in my package?

An e-Design package from CURIO Design Studio gives you everything you need to pull together a customized and professional designer interior without breaking the bank.

The top tier packages include:

  •  A scaled & labeled floor plan directing you where to place all furniture and décor.
  •  A material and furnishings board.
  •  3D renderings with implementation guides to help you visualize and execute the design
  •  A detailed shopping list linking you to retailers where all items in the design can be purchased.

Who does e-Design work best for?

All of our clients share a common desire for a professional and customized Interior design experience.

This approach works great for you if you:

  • Appreciate the convenience of collaboration and communication via email and other digital methods.
  •  Have a busy schedule that is hard to work around—making taking meetings with in-house designers a nightmare!
  • Have a limited budget and want to spend the majority of it on items for your home—rather than a traditional Interior Designers hourly rate.
  •  Have the ability to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of work but still want step-by-step guidance from an Interior Design professional.

Will the questionnaire take a long time to fill out?

The questionnaire is an important part of us getting to accurately know your style and needs.
Take your time to make your answers detailed and thoughtful. The more insight you can give
us into your desires, struggles, wants and needs the better we can create an e-Design package
that is perfectly tailored to you!

What if I don’t like something you select?

Top tier packages include built-in design revisions so that items or layouts can be reselected or modified. If a specified item on the shopping list is discontinued or out of stock within 30 days after you receive your e-Design package CURIO Design Studio will reselect at no cost to you.

How long will it take? Do you do rush service?

Standard project turnaround is 10-15 business days after payment has been received. This standard depends on current project load at the time you purchase your e-Design package. In the case that your turnaround time will be longer you will be notified upfront by CURIO Design Studio. If you are looking to make quick changes to your space before a holiday or a house guest arrives we do offer rush service with a turnaround of 5 business days. These projects require payment of $100 rush fee and are subject to availability on the design schedule.

Do you order the items needed for my design?

No. All the purchasing and receiving of materials, furniture, paint etc. is done by you! When the client
takes on this traditional ‘designer role’ it allows for a greater proportion of the budget to go directly into your project rather than paying a designer’s hourly rates.

Can I reuse some existing furniture in my design?

Yes, of course! 75% of all of our e-Design projects incorporate at least one existing piece of furniture and décor. Be sure to include measurements and photos of items you want to reuse in the Design Questionnaire.

I am nervous about using online design services; can I talk to a real person?

All of our design projects start out with a 15 minute Skype or phone consultation. Schedule here to get started,

Can I ask follow-up questions relating to my design?

After your e-Design package has been delivered you have unlimited access to email support for 30 days. We take pride in the design we put together for you and want you to be fully satisfied with your end result!

Feeling Design Overwhelm?

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