Mixing pattern helps create visual interest in a space and is the key to getting that layered + cohesive look we all desire.  When I am working on a project I often spend a lot of time pulling different textures and patterns until it just ‘feels right’. But finding the right mix of pattern can sometimes be tricky if you don’t have the ‘designer feels’ that us pros rely on. So I thought I would break it down for you. The simplest recipe for success on how to mix pattern goes like this:

variety of scale of pattern + texture

+ a wild card repeated in two places.

Variety in the scale of pattern helps the space not feel too matchy-matchy, which is a key to a well layered space. Think large scale wallpaper mixed with smaller scale throw pillow or an small scale pattern on an area rug combined with an oversized textile.



Adding texture helps give visual relief and keeps the space from becoming too overwhelming. Texture can be a pattern that is tone one tone or just a solid expanse of material like a throw pillow or coffee table.



Repeat the wild card twice is the key to making that mixed element feel purposeful and not random. You can mix in pattern in more than just textiles, try objects, such as furniture or vases, that either repeat or main pattern or add in variety.



Pattern is an important element in any well designed space, it helps the space feel layered and well thought out. But it is possible to easily over do it so, stick to these 3 simple rules and you are sure to nail it!  Still feel like you need guidance perfecting your pattern game? Check out our new service, Quick Expert Advice, where we can set up a 1 hour rapid-fire consultation!




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