Our clients were pretty far along in their first pregnancy when they came to us for help creating a kid friendly and stylish living room.  Being a mom myself, I knew the beautiful chaos that was about to happen to this newly designed room.  It would soon need places for diapers, wipes, books and blankets!

not only do we create beautiful spaces

but also spaces that provide intuitive storage

solutions  with ways to organize and conceal!

No one wants to have to go to the babies room for every. single. diaper change!  So we knew baskets were going to be essential but also where they were located mattered too.  Some needed to be low enough so that these poor new parents didn’t have to do a burpee every time they needed a  book or toy, and some needed to be high and out of reach of babies little fingers.  Most importantly we wanted to create designated storage to take the hassle out of clean-up-time.

We added bookcases to both sides of the fireplace/ TV unit which gave us the ability for lots of levels as well as some places for grown up decor as well.  Obviously these bookshelves came with a tip kit, which was installed first!  As you can see in the photos below, it turned out beautiful as well as functional.



In the entryway, we added two big wipe-able baskets under a “drop spot” console table as a easy place to throw hats, mittens and cute baby moccasins. Again these also share the ability to house whatever the family needs are, so the idea that these were easy to clean was important and easy to move around.


We hope this beautiful family is now using

this space as it was designed,

to spend joyous time with their new little one!

For more ideas on how to organize a kid friendly space check out this whimsical playroom reveal!

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