Do you remember the black bedroom I posted about WAYYY back? This was one of my first clients, and over the years they have become one of my best clients. I have completed almost every space in their house, including consulting on their exterior paint and landscape + their A-MA-ZING back yard patio.  Fast forward and this client is ready to make a few upgrades to their bedroom. Starting first with the bedding. She found this great Vera Wang bedding, but just needed a little guidance on how to make it jive with those stunning black walls and the other main furniture pieces we had already purchased.  So check out how I took this bedding and did gave them 3 amazing options for their master bedroom refresh.

3 options for a master bedroom refresh

I like to give my clients options for a lot of things. Not to overwhelm them but to help guide them in the decision making process. It gives me an opportunity to teach them about why I have selected certain things and what the end results will be with each various option.

I find that the best design process is one that is collaborative between client and designer.


1. relaxed + soft. This option is a little more romantic with softer colors and a distressed vintage rug. By swapping out one of the art prints for something that picks up similar colors we unite a new color scheme. The graphic print pillows help the space lean a little bit towards the modern vibe of the rest of the room.

master bedroom refresh


2. a familiar color scheme. This option sticks with similar colors that are already being used in the space. We would keep the existing teal + yellow painted canvas, swap out the rug to something a bit more neutral and then bring in the accent colors through the pillows. Can you tell I love this Kelly Wearstler Agate pillow yet?!

master bedroom refresh


3. bold + daring. The last option goes with slightly more graphic patterns and bold pops of saturated colors. We would swap out their artwork for some canvases that bring in the accent color that is repeated in the abstract pillow covers. I love this rug and the combo of navy + charcoal. I think it is unexpected, dramatic and a little bit sexy. The perfect combo for a bedroom!


master bedroom refresh


A master bedroom refresh doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Simply swapping out a few items can have a huge impact on the overall look of the space. Which one do you love most? Let’s chat and see if you picked the same one as my client! 





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