Can you afford to work with me?

The short answer. YES.

I started Curio Design Studio on the basis that great design should be accessible to all. A well designed space has the power to impact our lives, and change our mood and behavior. Probably more than most people even realize. I don’t think this should be limited to those with gianormous budgets.

Working with a professional interior designer brings value to your project in many ways. Starting out with a completely cohesive design results in limited amounts of backtracking, reduced project costs and faster turn around times. Meaning you get an end result that matches your expectations, keeps your budget in check and gets you back into your living space faster!  But how can this be accessible to you? Keep reading…

Our Virtual Interior Design Consulting services tackle renovation and re-design projects with a client-designer relationship that shares tasks and therefore reduces overall design fees–meaning more money can be put into your renovation. 

“The Design Plan”

By transferring certain simple tasks to the client (existing furniture inventory, design style survey, product ordering etc.), we save the them money by only having them pay for the most valuable part of the process—the design and technical installation details! 

Fully detailed design plans include: floor plans and construction plans for your builder, installer or contractor, moodboards of furniture, fixtures and color selections for the space, plus fully detailed shopping lists including every item needed for design plan, quantity required, color and cost.



“The After”

Check out more of this amazing bathroom renovation in the “Featured Designs” section of the website!  Interested in working with Curio Design Studio on your next project (since now you know you can’t afford NOT too). Shoot us a message and let’s set up a time to chat about your next project!



Delivered 100% online, CURIO design studio is a revolutionary approach to Interior Design. We provide detailed and customized step-by-step guides on how to create the home or small business you love---All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Interior Design service! Learn more about working with Curio.

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