This virtual design playroom with sophisticated style was a super fun project for us!  The client wanted a mix of fun, function and child-like sophistication. We started out with pulling some inspiration photos off of the clients pinterest board and got to work.

this project gave us the perfect opportunity to be

fun and feminine in our design choices.

The design plan consisted of a rolled armed tufted sofa, soft blush accents in the wall art and pillows. We deepened the color scheme with pops of black and burgundy to add some sophistication.  To keep things grounded, and ensure the style can evolve with the family, we used a natural wood coffee table and media center.

The hardest part of this room was its many angular walls, as you can see below.  But we love a challenge! Have a similar challenging room in our home— see our post on odd-shaped rooms.

It is a new build so luckily we had a great blank space to start in— but those walls!  We had to get creative with layout in order to accommodate the client’s request to have both a desk area and media area in this room.  Utilizing a mix of custom built-ins and store purchased furniture we came up with a hybrid strategy to infuse function into every inch of this space!

One of our favorite elements in this space was the hanging rattan chair.

Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair 

Our Virtual Design services are anything but vague. We give the client detailed drawings for contractors to build out any custom design elements and ensure the end result matches the design plan and client expectations.   We even call out all electrical locations so that decorative sconces could also be added in this space,making a functional desk surface for the kids.  Planning ahead, we designed the table with the intent it could be easily converted to a window seat when the kids out grow it.

Through this Virtual Design service the client received a collaborative experience with a pro designer, fully detailed + custom design plans for their contractor, shopping lists and details on how to pull it all together.

3D renderings help the client visualize the space BEFORE making any monetary

investment into the project, giving them the confidence to move forward with ease!

This project is currently under construction, and we can’t wait to share updates from the client as we get them!

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