This weekend we have another photo shoot scheduled to capture the end result of a Single Room Fix makeover (yay!). So often we get hung up on sharing the pinterest-perfect after images that we don’t spend enough time talking about the design plan that got us to that end result.  Working with our clients on these Single Room Fix projects is all about finding out exactly what their space needs, the design aesthetics that inspire them and of course the budget they want to be in. The end result is a simple to follow design guide for a space that tics all your boxes.


Part of our design process is finding out what types of colors and patterns a client tends to gravitate towards–and then push the envelope.  This particular client mentioned that one of their favorite and most inspiring trips was a Safari her and her husband took to Africa. Bam–design concept! We loved the idea too. A safari inspired nursery was the perfect opportunity to layer textures, add interesting prints and of course — infuse some animal print.

The material scheme came together like : huge pop of color in accent wallpaper wall, lots of soft diverse textures in area rugs, bedding and textiles, clean neutrals and a pop of dark navy in a few key places around the room.

The floor plan: Now this space was big. Probably a lot bigger than most of the nurseries out there. But sometimes that makes the space even trickier. I always suggest that, if you have space, adding another comfortable place for M or D to crash with baby is a huge bonus. In this case, we worked the layout so that the view from the main entry door totaly screams SAFARI NURSERY vs. guest room. That was important to this mama. The space was totally for the baby, and we wanted to highlight that, not make it feel like a guest room with a crib in the corner.

The Standout Element: Can we just talk for a second about this amazing Zebra wallpaper? This is what I am talking about when I say “push the envelope” .  When a client thinks safari inspired nursery maybe they think a framed piece of animal art, or even a zebra rug. We go right to a full size Zebra Wallpaper in a stand out green color way. And to our EXTREME DELIGHT the client went for it and SHE. LOVES. IT.  This speaks VOLUMES to the trust a client must have in the process and in the designer. Just wait until you see it in the real life pictures, JUST WAIT!

The Details: Now this is where we probably get a little boring. But these details are a super imporant part of the design plan. Not only do we give you some pretty things to buy. We show you EXACTLY how to put it all together.  This means detailing out exactly how your art should hang, where to mount your curtains and what pillow to put where. Simpl, no fuss and done oh-so- quick! Beats agonizing over the endless options at the store and then putting 55 nail holes in the wall before you get the picture in the right spot. Am I right?!

This safari inspired nursery is one of my recent favorite projects and I can’t wait to share the pictures of how the space came out with you guys soon! Think you need some direction in your nursery design–shoot us a message to get started!



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