If you have been following us on facebook or instagram you surely know about an amazing project we launched called Blueprint for Change. We came up with the idea to try and pull off a community based makeover for one deserving family, with the main goal being to demonstrate how well designed spaces can positively impact the way we live. Design is way more than pretty pillows–though don’t get us wrong, we love a pretty pillow.

The process was long, we started by taking nominations from the community for the lucky recipient. We were so blown away by the amount of nominations that came in and we poured over their stories with tear filled eyes and full hearts. The people in our community love each other and that is so amazing.

We settled on one lucky little 7 year old girl, who suffered from a disorder that makes her violently ill for days on end. There is no cure, only management. Her family wanted to give her a relaxing space to heal, that would also function for them in the days that she was ill. It was the perfect design challenge. Create a space that is young, fun, whimsical and inviting but also healing, functional and easily cleanable.

form + function come together through intentional selections and thoughtful planning

We spent two weeks planning the design and sourcing the vendors we would need to pull it off– check out the design plan post here.

Once we nailed down what we were going to need from local suppliers, everything else was sourced through Target. Yup that’s right–Target! We created a registry and promoted it around the community. So many different people (including some of my clients from other parts of the state and country–thank you!) contributed each and every item needed to create this amazing room.

The end result was nothing short of amazing. The whole experience of working with the community, forming relationships with volunteers, other local businesses and the family is an important reminder that people are good and design can make a difference

people are good and design can make a difference.

Scroll down for a look at the amazing transformation of this whimsical playroom. Thank you to all who contributed to this amazing project–we look forward to working with you again next year!



Check out the reaction of the family in the live reveal captured by TV3 and reported by Mollie Hollebeke!

Special Thanks too:

Wall and ceiling paint + drywall repair : Oja Renovations
New laminate flooring : Carpet Specialists Carpet One Floor and Home Ishpeming & Marquette
New ceiling fixture + added wall sconces: Red Electric 
Custom day bed: Curio Design Studio
Custom book shelves : Cherry Creek Construction
Desk + Wall Shelve: William Schumann Photography + Dawn Dott Dance Studios
Paint + Building Materials: Chocolay ACE Hardware
Custom window treatments: Chatham Upholstery + Patagium SUP Sails
Area rug: McCabe’s Quality Flooring
Custom rolling art try: Bright Green Door
Potted Plants: Flower Works LLC

Hex wall planters: Revisions Design Studio
Vanity Mirror: Champion Glass & Countertops
Desk Chairs: VAST
Upholstered arm chair:Veridea Group
Rolling storage boxes on casters: Kate Havel
Family photography + these amazing pictures: Samantha Collins



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